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We are pleased to announce that from today, in real time you can check the availability of .com.GI and .GI domains and purchase them. Click to consult the .GI domain page. Read more

Following the liberalization of the .GR domains (Greece) we are pleased to announce that from now on the domains of this extension will be registered within 24 hours, as opposed to an average of 20 days that were required before. Better integration will also allow us to apply a lower price as soon ... Read more

Following the liberalization of the .ES extension (Spain), we are pleased to announce a significant reduction in price due to the improved registration times that allow us to provide the registration service in just a few hours. For more information click on Spanish domains. Read more


The ccTLD .it Registry has published the new version of LAR letters for the registration of .IT domains. With the intention of simplifying the registration procedure, individuals, companies, associations, organizations, etc. are no longer identified, but only distinguishes between subjects holding a VAT number (i.e. companies, bodies, etc.) and non-holders of a VAT ... Read more


From today with Dominiando it is possible to freely register the Taiwanese domains. For more info, see .tw domain prices and the .TW domain page. Read more

According to the terms of EU Regulation 733/2002 there are some reserved domain names and as such they cannot be registered, or else individual countries can define the registration rules for these names (for example only as third level domain names) or reserve to use them themselves according to the rules of ... Read more

Finally the timetable for the launch of .EU domains has been defined. From 7 December 2005 public bodies, companies and later the individuals belonging to the member states of the European Union will be able to register their domain with suffix .eu. To allow companies to protect their domain name against abusive registrations by cybersquatters, ... Read more


We will define the Sunrise Period for Registrars, which is a four-month period consisting of two phases every two months, and represents the launch of the European domain registration. The first phase will last two months (from December 7 to February 6, 2006) and only includes holders of prior rights such as: both ... Read more


The liberalization process of .ES domains continues. There have been some clarifications from the Spanish Registry about the fact that it will NOT be required for any second level domain that the admin-c reside in Spain. The second phase of the Sunrise Period began on 6 September and will end on 21 October. Already ... Read more

We are happy to announce the possibility of registering .JOBS domains. We remind you that .JOBS is a sponsored extension and as such restricted to those who meet certain eligibility requirements. Registration is granted following a manual validation procedure carried out by the competent registry. Precisely because of this manual procedure, a component of ... Read more

In the month of July a discussion arose about the interpretation of Article 4 of Regulation 874/2004 regarding the possibility for a person not accredited by Eurid to be able to "resell" the registration service. On July 22, the EurID confirms in a note that it does not deem it permissible for non-accredited subjects ... Read more

We are pleased to announce that EurID has confirmed accreditation with us at our facility today. From today, Dominiando has the right to accept pre-registration requests for the European extension .EU Click to learn more about preregistration and the sunrise period Click for the .eu domain page Related topics: 23.June.'05: .EU domain preregistration 23.luglio.'02: .EU domains: watch out ... Read more

These days, there is a great buzz around the new and long-awaited European extensions - everyone has been waiting for them for years - and here we will take the opportunity to clarify some points that may escape the less careful customer who, willingly or not, surfs too fast and risks ... Read more

We inform our kind customers that Dominiando has started the paperwork to obtain an authorized Registrar accreditation for .eu domains. We believe that over the next two weeks we will be able to start accepting preregistrations for .EU domains for which the information page is already active. Regarding the .eu preregistration requests, we are preparing ... Read more


It is confirmed, that which was communicated on 5 April 2005, about the liberalisation of Spanish domains. The Spanish Register has in fact communicated again that the liberalization of the second level .es will be carried out gradually: - 7 June / 7 July: sunrise period reserved for Spanish institutions - in the month of ... Read more

READ THE 12 JUNE 2007 UPDATE - updated on 08/06/2005 We receive many reports from our customers who own .IT domains that they are receiving a communication from a German company that names the information page with "Italian Registry on the Internet". As these letters have generated confusion with some of our customers, we ... Read more

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